A mobile polling application that allows you to ask and vote for instant opinions.
Contribute with Votes
No 10-page survey, no text entry - It only takes a few taps to contribute your opinion.
Inspire with Questions
Ask questions and trigger meaningful thoughts.
Share the Thoughts
Share polls or poll results on social platforms for resonance or debates
  • Ask

    Create new poll

  • Vote

    Collect and express opinion

  • Results

    Instant graphical results

  • Share

    Share polls or poll results


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Bring people together with questions

A good question can generate a meaningful discussion.
You can target your polls to:

MonsterPolls users with similar demographics or interests

People you invite

Your friends selected from the MonsterPolls contact list

People around you

Neighbour within a certain radius from your current location

People following you

Your followers on MonsterPolls

Every question you ask means something

MonsterPolls is the platform to raise questions on topics that you are interested in.
It features 6 poll types:
  • Multiple Choices

  • Grading by % (0 - 100%)

  • Rating by Stars (1 - 5 Stars)

  • Binary (Yes/No)

  • Order (sequence of preference among choices)

  • Numeric (input numeric answer within the specified range)


Our community uses MonsterPolls to collect public views on various topics.

Opinion collection
User reviews
Preference ranking
Winner selection
Popularity gauge
Audience engagement


We welcome sponsorship proposal for events and activities of student organizations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Please see our corporate website for more details.

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About Choizzi

Choizzi is formed by a team of passionate app and platform developers with a vision to create free applications that are fun and useful. We hope anyone with a smartphone can enjoy our apps. MonsterPolls is our debut application.

"We aren't going to change the world, but we do a little something to make it better" - Choizzi team

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